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Originally as a golf sport consultancy, JOSCHGOLF was founded in Jan. 1st, 2000 in Berlin, Germany. The name JOSCHGOLF developed from the founder´s initials JOhannes SCHwarz

Johannes Schwarz is Class A member of the PGA of India and German Golf Association (Deutscher Golf Verband, DGV) graduate in Golf Business Economy.

Before his professional golf career Johannes Schwarz worked as a journalist for TV and mass media. Furthermore he is an author of two published golf textbooks. These are “The Correct Golf Swing” (2009) and “Playing Well Is Not An Incident” (2011).

Mr. Schwarz started playing golf at the age of 15.

The original concept of the company was delivering service and attendance to golf clubs in and around Berlin. Based on the concept a shop first of its kind in Berlin was instituted dealing with used golf equipment. It also had a workshop to repair, make and fit golf clubs. Moreover a small indoor golf school was conceptualized where freelancing Golf Professionals did coaching.

This small initiative went on to become the JOSCHGOLF School.

The school focussed on teaching based on scientifically understanding of the golf swing. This concept was powered by intensive video sessions. The motto was to convey an individually correct move on the physically correct swing plane.

In 2001 Johannes Schwarz qualified for the South African Sunshine Tour. After reaching the status of Golf Professional he began golf coaching. It is interesting to note that Mr. Frank O´Connor, brother of renowned golfer Christy O´Connor Junior, was an associate of Mr. Schwarz in coaching golf.

In 2003 the name „JOSCHGOLF“ changed to „JOSCHGOLF Germany“ because Johannes Schwarz assumed the position as the Head Professional at Golfclub Romantische Strasse Dinkelsbühl. Service centre for repairing and fitting golf clubs became an integral part of this golf club.

Since 2003 Mr. Schwarz played regularly on the European Professional development Tour (EPD Tour). This tour is affiliated to the European PGA Tour. Since 2006 it was run by the PGA of Germany and is meanwhile called Pro Golf Tour.

The teaching concept promoted by the JOSCHGOLF Germany was so successful that some clubs in Germany and a golf resort in Spain were interested in this unique method, wherein an individual can learn a correct golf swing.

Due to the success the JOSCHGOLF Teaching Pool was implemented. Very soon different Golf Professionals who endorsed the JOSCHGOLF method were affiliated in this pool. As a result students began to enjoy consistent golf lessons even when there is a change in the coaches.

All members affiliated to the JOSCHGOLF Teaching Pool are well experienced and qualified Golf Professionals holding an official teaching license.

In 2004 JOSCHGOLF Germany was again renamed to JOSCHGOLF International.
Ever since JOSCHGOLF organizes golf trips in cooperation with “golf.extra” during the winter season. Golf.extra is a large German tour operator who are specialist in organizing training journeys designed for Golf Professionals.

Due to the success of the unique JOSCHGOLF teaching concept the idea was copyrighted in 2005.

The teaching method is based on the biomechanically implementation of the Law of Lever. Aim is to learn a consistent repeated body movement by understanding the physically correct swing plane. The result would be maximum success with maximum enjoyment.

The more success one derives, the more fun arrives.
And the more fun arrives, the more success one can derive.