Consultation and Attendance Around the Golf Sport

While the recent global economy was going downhill, the golf sport globally went uphill. For example during the past ten years an average of 55 new clubs opened yearly all over Europe. Proportionally the number of golfers increased with an average of yearly 5,6 %. This is an evidence of golf still becoming more and more popular.

At the end of 2014 there existed 6786 clubs with 4.18 million members all over Europe. Infrastructure, amenities, man power, etc. in the clubs went increasing to support the increasing number of golfers.

Affordable prices for attendance, service and general quality are cornerstones for running a golf course since a long time. Many clubs became medium sized enterprises which compete against each other offering better prices and services.

In view of the above many clubs and courses had to be managed by professionals like business leaders or Directors of Golf, rather than just managed by honorary committee members.

Johannes Schwarz, founder and owner of the JOSCHGOLF International, is Class A Professional der PGA of India as well as Golf Business Economist educated by the German Golf Association. He successfully managed the famous German golf clubs like GC Beuerberg and GC Eichenried.

JOSCHGOLF International is competent and experienced handling all the aspects of golf sport. This homepage provides golf facilities of all kinds the opportunity to use our multi-facetted offer of professional service.

Spectrum of offers

On the course
At the office
- Offering consultation on Golf Course Maintenance
- Organizing golf training trips
- Conceptualizing and developing golf facilities
- Organizing and executing tournaments
- Purchasing and marketing golf equipment
- Video supported golf lessons in our golf schools
- Office administration
- Arranging golf shops
- Marketing strategy
- PR consultation
- High and low profile recruitment consultation
- Media  advertisment

This gateway offers professional services in all the areas to its seekers.