Teaching Concept


Based on the biomechanically transmission of the Law of Lever Johannes Schwarz developed an easy practical learning concept.

Aim of this teaching method is to convey consistent and easy repeatable golf moves to the student. This is accomplished by student-by-student bases. The students learn golf swings based on biomechanical principles almost automatically rather than just hitting the ball.

This means that the sole purpose is not just to hit the ball but to observe the scientific swing action. This involves smooth swing action of the club from point A (end of upswing) towards point B (end of follow through) and on a straight line towards the target (vector). The relatively large backward movement of the club to strike the ball is just used to generate enough club head speed to reach long distances. If it would be anatomically possible to generate enough club head speed, exclusively on the straight target line, this short strike out move would create the same result but with more consistently repeatable.

An important corner stone for consistency is to understand the scientific principal behind the swing move. One can acquire the niche only by properly understanding of the swing principal.

This is not as difficult as it seems. Unfortunately the learning process is often impeded by too facile explanations or even less information about “what happens when and why”. On the contrary more detailed information by far produces better results, depending upon the student himself and the duration of teaching units he chooses.

The teaching method does not reinvent the golf swing technic. It is not possible, too. Why? Because physically or biomechanically it is not possible. Rather the law that governs swing action produces the biomechanical movement. In view of the governing law one is restricted to abide by the Law of Lever.

„Iron Byron“, a machine for checking balls and clubs aptly exemplifies for what was said. This machine fixes the club at a rotating axle which hits the ball consistently to any distance within the radius of one yard.

Of course we human beings will never achieve this consistency because of our anatomy. However by using afore mentioned scientific principle it is possible to use the golf club to produce close to “Iron Byrons” result.

You will find more interesting information about the golf swing in the text book called “The Correct Golf Swing” and “Playing Well is Not an Incident”.

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